The Whole Mompreneur Virtual Summit

A virtual conference for mompreneurs who want to have it all ... without burning out!

Hey busy mompreneur!

I see you working hard on your business. You're interacting on social media, doing market research, building funnels.

But when it's time to close your email, power down your computer and turn off your messenger notifications, your work isn't done yet.

Now is the time to tackle the household and family tasks.

And I know. It's exhausting. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do it all.

You're doing all the things, but you know what?

It doesn't have to be stressful or hard.

You CAN have an organized home, respectful kids and a thriving business.

You CAN accomplish everything and have everything you want in life.


What it Means to Be a Whole Mompreneur

As an entrepreneur, we tend to go all in when it comes to our business. We take the time to learn, strategize and implement.

But there is so much more to you than just a savvy business woman.

A whole mompreneur is happy and confident in herself and in her capabilities ...and is killing it in all aspects of her life!

When you have the right mindset and the right systems in place, you can accomplish anything and everything.

The 5 Pillars of a Whole Mompreneur

1. Mindset and Self Care

When you take care of yourself, you're much better equipped to take care of your family and your business. That's why we start by conquering your mindset and making time for you.

2. Parenting

A huge part of who you are is being a mom. And you can do the mom thing while doing the hustle thing, without sacrificing anything. It's all about learning how to engage your kids in the time you have.

3. Productivity

Getting it all done comes down to having the right systems and routines in place so you can easily get it all done. With simple to-do lists and proven systems, getting it all done is totally possible.

4. Business and Marketing

Building a profitable business is much easier when you have a sound plan in place and a direction to follow. By tackling social media, content and marketing in a very smart and strategic way, you can get more done and move forward quicker.

5. Money and Money Mindset

Money is important to you. It's important to me too. And raising your income doesn't have to be complicated. Making more money and maintaining the right mindset to keep that money coming in is essential for a profitable mompreneur.

Join 29 experts and industry leaders to learn just how you can be a whole mompreneur and conquer it all.

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The Whole Mompreneur Summit speakers have been featured in:

Day 1: Mindset and Self Care

Megan WhitakerRegistered Nurse & Writer
Technology & Your Health
Carrie MadormoBusiness & Wellness Copywriter
Smart Self-Care for the Busy Mompreneur
Cynthia LitmanMulti-Passionate Spiritual Mompreneur
Carve Your MomTime
Andrea A. MoorePro-Mindset and Movement Cultivator
Positive Mindset

Jennifer KenwayTransformational Coach and Speaker
Inner Alchemy: The Transformational Magic of Self Care
Sasha GrayMentor and Business Coach
The Puzzle Pieces of Life

Day 2: Productivity

Stacey OgdenTo-Do List Master
How to become a To-Do List Ninja!
Heather FarrisPodcaster and Founder of Balanced Mamas
Utilizing Trello to Manage Your Family, Home and Business
Lisa TannerWriter/VA & Blogging Mompreneur
Using Flexible Routine Blocks to Maximize Productivity
Aditi Wardhan SinghFounder and Chief Editor of Raising World Children magazine
Prioritizing Your Mompreneur Goals Effectively

Alessandra BraunMindset + Biz-Building Strategist for Fearless Females with a Dream
How to Step into your Role as a Naptime CEO - Productivity and Time Management for the Busy Momma

Day 3: Parenting

Monique DaalMindset & Success Coach
Do What you Love and Inspire your Children
Melanie and AnnYaYas2cents: Real Moms. Real Solutions
Toolkit for High School Parents
Melissa DroegemuellerEarly Education Advisor
Keeping Kids Busy While We Work
Samantha MunozKid lit curator at Addison Reads
How building an Intentional Bookshelf will help you be a better business owner AND parent.

Sharon SomekhRaiseology Parenting Consultant
Constructive ways to involve your children in your business
Madeleine DavisMom Strategist
The Proven and Perfected 5 Step Formula to A Stress-free Family
Corinne KerstonParent Empowerment Coach
3 Pillars of a Calm, Happy Household

Day 4: Business and Marketing

Vicky WarrenSocial Media Coach and Writer
A 5-Step Process to a Social Media Presence
Leticia SissonBadass Owner of Badass Bitch PR
Why the hell PR is still relevant and why you should be using it
Shawneda CroutAudience Strategist and Author
Building a Business Using ETC (Engagement Technology Content)
Brandi JohnsonCoach
Building Effective, Sustainable Strategies to Consistently Grow Your Business in Less Time

Trunae GreenBrand Creator
Creating a Dynamic Personal Brand
Nannette MinleyIntuitive Marketing and Business Coach
Marketing Intuitively in Small Amounts of Time

Day 5: Money and Money Mindset

Jen LevitzBusiness Wizard and Coach
Building a Spellbinding Business
Janine KelbachOwner, WriteRN Writing Services
5 Tips to Raise your Income as a Mompreneur
Merideth BisikerCertified Holistic Money Coach
Success! Beyond the Budget
Sonya HighfieldBusiness & Mindset Coach
Money mindset for Mamas

Ehi Ade-MaboMindset & Transformational Coach
The Mindset of a Successful Mompreneur

Here's what you will be learning:

  • How to easily fit in time for yourself
  • How to find happiness in your business
  • How to inspire your children to be their best
  • Fun learning activities to engage your kids
  • How to rock your to-do list with ease
  • How to create flexible routines to keep your home and family running smoothly
  • How to create a personal brand for your business
  • Easy ways to get your content planned and schedule in a short amount of time
  • How to attract more clients and cash using your personality
  • And much, much more!

Plus get access to these goodies:

  • A Healthy Tech checklist
  • The Ultimate Mompreneur’s Checklist: Everything you need to know before leaving your 9-5
  • 10 Daily Affirmations printable
  • Juggling with Passion 5 Strategies to Balance Your Business and Family Successfully
  • 24 Parenting Wisdoms printable
  • Flexible Family Schedule Planner
  • The Ultimate Intentional Reading Nook Checklist
  • Top 5 Ways to Create a Healthy, Lifelong Relationship With Your Kids
  • The Stress-Free Family System Blueprint
  • Printable Planner pages
  • How to Use Flexible Routine Blocks to Maximize Your Productivity as a Busy Mom
  • A checklist for the Perfect Blog Post
  • An amazing Business Planner
  • 15+ Social Media Scheduling Tools for $25 or Less a Month
  • Creating a Book Business Plan Template
  • An audio training on choosing a marketing strategy that feels aligned to your soul
  • Ultimate Guide to Email marketing
  • Tru Brand Assessment Workbook
  • Mental Levels of Business printable
  • Set the Right Income Goals and Achieve Them! workbook
  • Pricing Your Art and Creative Services worksheet
  • Ideal Workweek worksheet
  • Daily Habits For a Six Figure Business

You get all the video interviews, the downloadable audios, AND all the amazing checklists, planners, workbooks, printables and more to help you rock your Whole Mompreneur game!

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Corinne Kerston

Hi! I'm your summit host, Corinne Kerston.

I'm an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom. As a Parent Empowerment Coach, I help struggling parents find solutions for their kids by helping them understand their kids and get to the root of the issue at hand. Never one to offer Band Aid solutions or catch all tactics, I help you connect the dots and see what’s really going on … with your kids and with yourself.

Learn more about me at CorinneKerston.com.